“Avoidant” and “Bad Boyfriends” to be Available in China

Beijing Ark Reading Technology - Douban Seal

Beijing Ark Reading Technology – Douban Seal

About a year ago I got an email from a Chinese company I’d never heard of, Douban, which turns out to be a media platform selling primarily on phones. Reading on phones is big in China, and they were wanting to have some of my books translated into Simplified Chinese by running a translation contest, then they’d sell the books and give a cut to the winning translator as well as me.

They seemed legit and it’s a cool idea, so I said yes. Long long wait and a financing later, I signed a contract with Beijing Ark Reading Technology in January. Still no sign of the contest, so I have no idea when readers in China will get to read my books, but I’m hoping Real Soon Now.

Of course, Amazon readers in English can buy Avoidant and Bad Boyfriends right now!

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