The Affordable, Effective University: Indiana and Mitch Daniels

University of Indiana - logo

University of Indiana – logo

Reason‘s Robby Soave writes about Mitch Daniel’s efforts to reduce administrative bloat at the University of Indiana:

The bottom line is this: Universities can’t have it both ways. They can’t provide an affordable education to middle class and low-income families while also hiring a bajillion more residential advisors, vice presidents of sustainability, diversity coordinators, and other paper pushers who never set foot near a classroom.

Many Democratic politicians who claim to sympathize with the suffering students, such as President Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, believe the best way keep college affordable is to loan students a bunch of money on the taxpayer’s dime and then forgive their debts—so long as they find their way into government service. But that doesn’t actually keep costs down; it merely tricks students into thinking they can manage.

The best method for preventing tuition increases is actually much simpler: University presidents and regents need to stop raising tuition to cover non-educational nonsense. Kudos to Daniels for understanding that, daunting though the challenge may be.

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