Ross Douthat on Unstable Families and Culture

1950s Dance

1950s Dance

FamilyStudies.Org interviews conservative columnist Ross Douthat on the topic of family and culture, and he has some reasonable things to say recognizing the value of modern freedoms while searching for a way to restore some family stability. His first point is about cultural promotion of promiscuity as an almost risk-free phase between youth and married life:

But in the zone in between being sixteen and being a married sitcom dad with kids, pop culture’s vision of the good life is extremely libertine, in the sense that premarital sex is consistently treated as a kind of low-consequence playground—whether in the hot tubs of “Jersey Shore” and “The Real World,” or the haute-bourgeoise sexual carousels on shows like “Friends” and “Sex in the City,” or in the tabloids or the pop music charts or wherever—in which there’s no good reason to put a limit on how often and how casually you couple.

It has always been true that sex is especially powerful and fraught with dangers for the young — with consequences ranging from unwanted pregnancy to STDs and injury to the ego and romantic expectations. This hasn’t changed, but culturally there is a greater expectation that young people will be sexually engaged at an early age, and discussion of the downsides are more of an afterthought in most media. Cultural conservatives tend to look back on some Golden Age where young people were chaste until marriage — an age that never existed — and some of them seem to want to bring back social and political disapproval of sex outside marriage. Absent a sea change in attitudes, that will not happen — but Douthat continues to ask for social conservatives to play a part in bringing back some cultural guidelines encouraging stronger families:

In the past, I’ve made an analogy between the sexual and industrial revolutions, with the point being that it’s possible to mitigate the worst effects of a sweeping period of social change while preserving the good things that came in with it. In the end, for instance, the Gradgrinds and Social Darwinists were wrong: The Western world did not need children working long shifts in factories in order to sustain the benefits of industrialization. And in the same way I don’t think our world needs millions of abortions and out-of-wedlock births and broken homes in order to sustain the very real advancements—in female opportunity and professional and political dignity, especially—that we’ve seen since the 1970s. But proving that point is the work of generations, and a better synthesis, if one exists, still lies well ahead of us.

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