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Time-Lapse Video of Heinlein Bust Creation

The Robert Heinlein bust to be displayed in the Missouri state capitol’s “Hall of Famous Missourians” is in progress, with a planned unveiling in 2016 and possibly an appearance at the Worldcon in Kansas City that August. The piece is being done by E. S. Schubert, whose site is worth a look. The results are a good likeness of late-stage Heinlein, and I’m happy to see it coming together.

I wrote about my donation here. My donation was only about 20% of the funds required, but I was happy to put it over the top so work could begin early enough to get it to KC in time.

[Jeb Kinnison writes at JebKinnison.com and SubstrateWars.com, and his second science fiction novel, Nemo’s World, is “well-written science fiction that harkens back to the golden age of Heinlein and Asimov.” — IndieReader.]

Heinlein Society: Jeb Kinnison Tops Up Fund

Red Queen: The Substrate Wars

Red Queen: The Substrate Wars

News from the SubstrateWars.com blog: I decided to top up the fund to get a bust of Robert Heinlein done and placed in the Missouri State Capital. Thanks to all of you for buying my books — which helps me fund worthwhile projects like this one.

Heinlein Bust Goal Met

Jeb Kinnison Statement on Donation to Heinlein Society