Jeb Kinnison’s “Bad Boyfriends”

The dangerous or unreliable personality types, how to spot them fast, and how to deal with them if you’re already in a relationship with one!

Don’t waste your time and feelings on someone who will never be a good partner. My book, Bad Boyfriends: Using Attachment Theory to Avoid Mr. (or Ms.) Wrong and Make You a Better Partner, will save you a lot of time and heartache by teaching you to identify and avoid, or quickly break off from, the losers and broken ones that can never be loyal and loving partners. This website will outline the basics, point you at resources, and give you a head start on the deeper material in the book. If you’re wondering if the guy or girl you’ve been hanging out with might not be quite right, this is the place to match those little red flags you’ve noticed with known bad types. And by getting out fast, you can avoid emotional damage, wasted time, and get going on finding someone who’s really right for you. Study all of the bad types and you’ll be able to detect them before even getting involved.

Or you could be one of the few people who recognizes their own problems in one of these types. We’ll have some study materials and plans of action for you, too. If you’ve had lots of relationships and they all seem to go wrong, the common factor is you! Your task is to make yourself into a better partner — a goal that even the most evolved of us can always work toward.

Buy my book, but also explore the rest of the site: Take the Attachment Type Test and read some chapters of my book. I’ve done a lot of research for you, and you can find other books and online resources here as well. Note the “Recommended Books” and “Recommended Sites” links on the left sidebar.

Here’s the foreword of the book.

Table of Contents:

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Buy the print format direct!

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