Progressive Displacement and Social Media: Gun Control Edition

Gadsen LGBT Flag - Daily Wire photo

Gadsen LGBT Flag – Daily Wire photo

On my mind — the general nastiness on social media lately. I try to be a) entertaining, and b) post only items that include some ideas I haven’t seen elsewhere. If I’m overdoing something, I would hope people would let me know personally rather than defriending or unfollowing me.

Meanwhile, some friends post incessantly in an apparent attempt to persuade others. There is a virtue-signalling component — “see, I think correctly, and I am a good person with good feelings,” and a campaign purpose — “let’s get those bastards [which may be R or D, depending.]” Especially nice is blaming relatively harmless Americans who might not be a supportive as you like instead of the murderous Islamist ideology.

This is psychological displacement. The US Progressive mindset only allows for certain classes to be hated and Otherized — white cishetmale Christians, or some mix thereof. So the natural anger at the inexplicably evil shooting of fifty innocent (mostly) Latino gay young men last week at the Pulse disco in Orlando *must* be directed at rightwing Christian white males, not the actual Islamist shooter, a registered Democrat and son of an abusive Afghan father who supported the Taliban and trained his son to hate.

So yesterday I posted a middle-of-the-road thought piece suggesting neither knee-jerk gun controls or bans on Muslims were likely to be helpful responses to recent events. This brought some commenters who wanted to mix it up. I tried to calm them down, then left. Then a nice fellow I know of the transnational elite sort tried to suggest one *must* concede that guns are too available, and other countries are *so* much more enlightened. Which of course brought forth a Red Tribe American to push back. Now a really sensitive person criticizing a culture he didn’t grow up with would be careful to concede the feelings of a native, but not my friend — he retreated in bewilderment at the hostility he had evoked.

I deleted that part of the thread as unproductive. I understand why my Red Tribe friend was belligerent — he and people like him are tired of having to explain themselves over and over to people who don’t know much about guns but are happy to judge and imply they are stupid for believing as they do. It does not help that pro-gun control friend was obviously coming from a non-American background and suggesting Europe etc do these things better. Which is offensive to many here. “You French people — why are you so racist toward Arabs? Can’t you see your discrimination against them plus your welfare support for their idleness is damaging them? We do this so much better in the US!”

Both of them brought statistics, and they were as it turns out not inconsistent — gun controller brought raw data about murder rates, which gun owner correctly noted include the high murder rates from areas dominated by lawless drug gangs and culture — once those are removed, the geographies dominated by “gun nuts” have murder rates well below average European levels, as low as Switzerland (where it is viewed as a civil defense duty to train and keep a semiautomatic rifle in your home.) The presence of long guns is barely relevant to murder rates, and terrorist mass murderers have many other methods to accomplish their evil acts. The heavy-duty gun control regime in France did nothing to slow down the Islamist mass murderers.

If you want to persuade American gun owners, make the effort to understand them. Insulting them and their country is not a good start. We do have a voluntary militia — and by the way, the amendment’s “well regulated” means “well-equipped and trained.” And BTW, Harry Reid and others campaigning against “automatic weapons” show their ignorance — automatic weapons are tightly controlled and legally-owned ones are both rare and essentially never involved in mass shootings.

Can we work on understanding and forgiving our closest cousins? Or will we always be manipulated to hate them so that certain people can hold onto power?

Death by HR: How Affirmative Action Cripples OrganizationsDeath by HR: How Affirmative Action Cripples Organizations

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