Islamist, Communist, Nazi: Ideologies of Hate

After last night’s murder of fifty people at a gay club in Orlando, politicians are rushing out their statements, most smart enough to avoid knee-jerk reactions blaming anyone but the shooter, and perhaps the group inspiring him, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. Not all were so thoughtful.

I’m going to spare you my pledges of emotional solidarity with our gay brethren, or pious warnings not to blame Muslims in general for the hateful actions of a few. I’m going to assume you’re all adults and understand that ideologies and religions associated with mass murder — Communism, Nazism, and recently the fundamentalist Islamist groups — are all thought-viruses which prey on the susceptible. This is an assumption I may regret, since the topic is a minefield unless you stick to the mainstream channels of banal sentiment.

This is not a hot take, or an attempt to promote one political tribe over others by pointing a finger of blame. We don’t want peaceful people who happen to be Muslim to feel afraid — most people of every religion in every country don’t want to harm their neighbors. It’s the minority that does support harming others I will address.

In one of my thrillers, the scene for a future authoritarian security state in America is set by an atomic blast in Manhattan, the bomb smuggled in and detonated by an ISIS-style Islamist. Some of my younger readers suggested that might be racist! OMG! Here’s what I told them: your teachers are feeding you a sanitized, politically-corrected history. They should have explained to you that Islam is a relatively new political-religious system, born in fire and conquest, that killed millions and nearly overran Europe before it was halted by the Spanish Reconquista c. 1492 and the Battle of Vienna in 1683, the last time Ottoman expansion threatened central Europe. Muslim conquerors invaded India and subjugated most of the subcontinent, killing as many as 80 million Indians. All religions have some of the character of their founding population — Old Testament Christianity / Judaism had violent aspects, tribalism justifying killing of the Other. But the Enlightenment and growing humanism tempered these violent strains. Christianity, while often used as a pretext for violence and war, was truly a religion of peace — the New Testament Jesus, while not a complete pacifist, emphasized empathy for all and respect for different individuals, including nonbelievers.

Islam has its reformed subgroups. The Sufi are known for their depth of thought and peaceful philosophy. Sufis emphasize the inward-looking development of the soul, not outward expansion or worldly power — and not surprisingly, fundamentalist Islamist regimes have persecuted them, burning their mosques and killing them.

But Islam’s major sects are more recently informed by violence and conquest, and financing of Salafist schools and media by the Saudis and others has spread radical intolerance far beyond the desert wastes that spawned the Salafis. In Malaysia and Indonesia, for example, formerly easy-going multireligious societies are under increasing pressure from advocates for Sharia law.

And this is what needs to be explained to my idealistic young readers: while no one should blame all Muslims for the actions of the violent few, or use those actions to justify shunning or harming individuals who happen to be Muslim, we should shun, avoid, and kill if necessary those who are violently Islamist. To be Islamist is to accept that church and state are one, only Islam is acceptable as the foundation of government, and that in accordance with the teachings of the Koran, all nonbelievers are second-class citizens, to be tolerated at best and forcibly converted and killed if not “People of the Book” — followers of the Abrahamic religions seen as precursors of Islam, notably Christianity and Judaism. Islamists cannot allow other religions to flourish freely, and they believe killing kafir (nonbelievers) can be a righteous act.

Everyone needs to understand the difference: Islamists are a cult of violence and death. They are deadly enemies of freedom, equality for women, homosexuals, and less fundamentalist Muslims. Islamists are evil in the same way Communists and Nazis were evil — they want to rule over everyone and they will kill the innocent to gain power. Islamists delenda est.

But Muslims generally are followers of a religion that is capable of coexistence. Never forget the difference, and understand but don’t excuse the natural tendency of good Muslims to overlook the danger from their fanatical and vicious coreligionists, who are enemies of us all.

Everything's Fine 2016

Everything’s Fine 2016

Western governments and media are currently run by bien pensant classes who are more worried about the reactions of what they view as the less enlightened, less cosmopolitan parts of their own polities than they are about the Islamists directly working for the death of millions in the West (and Israel.) They are afraid their plans for resettling Muslim refugees to further dilute the influence of nationalists and the religious will be upset if the frogs wake up before the boiling starts. Handwringing about the reasonable reactions of nativists and people who want to maintain Western values leads these political leaders to minimize and distract, oversimplifying issues to reassure the good citizenry that “everything’s fine.” If only you vote for me and not those bad people who want to do something about the real problem!

I have other ideas — see Culture Wars: Co-Existence Through Limited Government

I’ll close with this chilling bit of footage from an imam recently invited to speak by a central Florida mosque. It speaks for itself — the mosque, instead of being appropriately mortified, defends their right to invite this murderous toad of a preacher to speak. Which they have every right to do in the US, and we as citizens have every right to shun the mosque and refuse to permit such hateful visitors to enter.


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  1. It still bothers me greatly that we still don’t get the unvarnished truth about Islam. Perhaps someone can explain to the rest of us with eyes to see and ears to hear how any part of Islam (with the exception of the truly apostate Muslim heavily influenced by western civilization) is a “religion of peace”? Remember, there were some Nazi citizens who lived relatively peaceful in their homes while the real face of Nazism was about the task of subjugating other peoples. Are we then willing to say that Nazism was an “ideology of nationalistic peace” taken to the extreme by a few adherents? I think not. And don’t forget for one minute that despite over 70 years of whackademic obfuscations, big government national socialism Nazism was actually left-wing, not right-wing.

    So how is it that an unrepentant, murderous general, raider of caravans, liar, hirer of assassins to kill his critics and pedophile (according to the Muslims’ own Hadiths) ever acquire the moral authority to found a “religion of peace”? It’s a moral impossibility. Explain how that’s possible.

    Please everyone, let’s stop promoting this cruel hoax against civil society. Acquire some real courage and intellectual honesty and quit pandering to a fundamentally militant, murderous ideology of Islam by being its unwitting PC apologists in a world going slowly insane.

  2. “recently the fundamentalist Islamist groups” … because its not like Islam was founded on violence or expanded by violence … oh wait … that is what history shows us so what is this “recent” nonsense …

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