Corrupt Feedback Loops, Goldman Sachs: More Justice Dept. Extortion

Goldman Sachs - NY Daily News

Goldman Sachs – NY Daily News

The failure to prosecute or fine individuals responsible for the mortgage meltdown continues, but today another settlement was announced, this time with Goldman Sachs. As usual, the fine sounds large, but none of it goes to the injured consumers, and much of it may well be funneled through politically connected organizations which support the Administration. Here’s the story from The Hill:

Goldman Sachs announced Thursday that it would pay roughly $5 billion to settle a government probe.

The investment giant said the deal, if finalized, would resolve potential civil charges sought by a government task force exploring the creation and sale of securities backed by residential mortgages, an investment type central to the 2007 financial crisis. Authorities involved in the probe included the Justice Department, the states of New York and Illinois, and other regulators.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement in principle to resolve these matters,” said Lloyd Blankfein, the bank’s chairman and CEO.
Goldman said the settlement would cut into $1.5 billion of its fourth-quarter profits. The deal would also include a $2.4 billion monetary penalty, another $875 million in cash payments and $1.8 billion in consumer relief.

That consumer relief would come in variety of ways, ranging from principal forgiveness for underwater homeowners to the financing of construction or rehabilitation for affordable housing.

The agreement still needs to be finalized, but if it is, it would be the latest in a series of eye-popping settlements between the government and big banks. For example, in 2013, JPMorgan Chase announced a $13 billion deal to settle charges around its residential mortgage-backed securities activity.

An evaluation from Better Markets:

This settlement is a victory for Goldman. First, it got to keep all the ill-gotten gains for the last eight-plus years. Second, a $5 billion settlement is meaningless unless it is publicly disclosed how much money was made from the illegal conduct and the total amount of investor losses. Third, DOJ helped it cover up its illegal actions by letting Goldman merely acknowledge a Swiss cheese ‘statement of facts’ carefully crafted more to conceal than reveal what Goldman really did here. Fourth, Goldman’s net revenue was $37.7 billion and its net earnings were $9.5 billion in 2006 alone, just one year in the midst of this multi-year scheme. Fifth, every single individual at Goldman who received a bonus from this illegal conduct not only keeps the entire bonus, but suffers no penalty at all. Sixth, more than half of the $5 billion appears likely to be tax deductible, meaning U.S. taxpayers will be required to subsidize this settlement.

We went into this kind of corruption-by-settlement in the post “Corrupt Feedback Loops: Justice Dept. Extortion” a few weeks back. Legislation should prohibit diversion of funds from fines and settlements to any organization but the Treasury general fund and direct payments to victims, where it is practical to identify them.

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