LeBron James Cut Carbs for Lean Look

LeBron James Skinny

LeBron James Skinny

Just confirmation that word is spreading — if you want to lower your body fat percentage and start looking lean and defined, cutting carbs way down or completely out is the way to go. The Wall Street Journal reports in their story “Why LeBron James Is Suddenly Skinny” that the basketball star sports a new lean look after a summer cutting carbs:

The basketball world has been buzzing lately about an unexpected decision LeBron James made this summer. It has already had sweeping effects across the NBA, and it has radically changed how everyone sees the sport’s biggest star.

He cut carbohydrates from his diet.

James, who also opted last month to leave the Miami Heat for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, has shed a noticeable amount of weight since going on a summer-long carbohydrate cleanse not long after losing in the NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs in June.

For more on how to lose body fat and get defined with a clean low-carb diet, see “Getting to Less Than 10% Body Fat Like the Models – Ask Me How!”


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