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Welcome to my blog. In between promos for my books, I write on topics from the news and cover the research reports on relationship, diet and health issues, as well as whatever I think is interesting and likely to be new to my readers. I respond to all reasonable comments and invite you to add your email to the mailing list or add the RSS feed to your reader so you’ll see new posts.

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  1. I just got divorced from a textbook PA. Are Passive Aggressives the same as Avoidant Dismissives? Does it overlap? It seems like it does. Im still in shock to have a marriage ended out of the blue- dropped cold turkey. Trying to make sense. Finding your articles blog fills in the holes for me.
    Never thought I would be an expert on this!

    1. The passive-aggressive stance is part of the dismissive’s arsenal of techniques to avoid being drawn into emotionally sticky confrontations. He can stay behind his screen and take potshots at his partner with less risk of direct (and for him, intolerable) conflict. Sarcasm and deniable putdowns are used to keep him feeling detached and “above” the relationship issues he’s trying to avoid.

  2. How do you feel about necroposts? I was browsing your back catalog and wanted to comment on / ask questions about some of your old essays. Would you be likely to see and read comments on stuff like, for example, you piece from 2014 about YA dystopias?

    1. I read all comments, but comments on older posts won’t be seen by many. So feel free to comment on that post; if it’s interesting enough, I may pull it out and make a post of it so it gets read.

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