Vani Hari: “Food Babe” and Quack

Vani Hari Food Babe

Vani Hari Food Babe

Our goal here at is to give you reliable and useful information about living a high-quality life. Unfortunately others have made a good living providing misinformation designed to scare you into buying their products or giving them further attention to sell ad space; this is called “yellow journalism,” or in the health fields, quackery. While much myth and superstition is harmless, some has very real and dangerous consequences; we’re now seeing epidemics of childhood diseases like measles and whooping cough that had been almost eliminated by vaccination because some people created scare stories about vaccines and persuaded millions of parents to avoid vaccinations. Meanwhile, genetic engineering has been used to increase yields, reduce use of insecticides, and create wonderful new products like rice with natural Vitamin A, which could help end a type of Vitamin A deficiency-caused blindness among the very poor. Pseudoscience and alarmism have combined to produce a paranoid sect that, if widely followed, will turn the clock back to an era where starvation and disease were much more prevalent.

Quacks like Dr. Oz have made fortunes misleading the public. The latest example of this is Vani Hari, the “Food Babe,” who has made a career out of misleading scare stories about chemicals in common foods:

Like Mark Crislip, who recently wrote about her about her mind-numbingly stupid antivaccine post, until recently I had no idea who she was, but unfortunately, I do now. She’s photogenic and also has a talent and penchant for making her utter ignorance of chemistry and science work for her as a powerful P.R. tool that has catapulted her from an obscure food blogger to a guest on television shows such as The Doctors and that repository of all medical crankery and quackery, The Dr. Oz Show, where The Great and Powerful Oz himself praised her activities as part of the “Oz effect.” Her name is Vani Hari, but she is much better known by her blog name, The Food Babe. She’s been featured on this blog before, not surprisingly, both by Mark Crislip and Steve Novella, who dismantled her claims that microwaving food somehow destroys its nutritional value and renders it full of “toxins” and her attack on Subway for using azodicarbonamide, which she dubbed the “yoga mat chemical.”

Read the whole post for a flavorful deconstruction of Vani Hari, skillful propagandist and media manipulator.

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