“Blue Valentine”

Aided by his performance of “You Always Hurt the One You Love” on the ukelele at the beginning of his romance with a brighter blond student who finds him charming and a convenient escape from her troubles, including being pregnant by a bad boyfriend, I assumed Ryan Gosling’s character would be an abusive husband.

But it was not at all as I expected. Watched it last night — two hours of sad realism. In a lot of ways the character Dean (Gosling) does remind me of guys I have known — boyish, unfocused, washed out of academia and professional jobs by lack of drive or attention span. But charming and talented and sweet.

Despite the scene at the doctor’s office where his wife Cindy (Michelle Williams) works, where he gets angry and starts tearing up the room before punching the doctor (who he correctly thinks has his eye on Cindy), he’s not abusive or narcissistic; he just wants their initial deal (I will love you and another man’s child as my own, you love me back) honored. Everyone assumes he’s the coarse, abusive husband of sweet Cindy, but actually she is more to blame for their problems than he is – he never showed any sign of ambition or accomplishment, so when Cindy chose to marry him to escape temporary problems at home, a nasty boyfriend and impending pregnancy, she was the source of the problem; she was bright and married a charming slacker of average intelligence, then got tired of his immaturity and lack of drive. All he wanted was to love her.

So I ended up more sympathetic to Dean, the “loser”, than to Cindy, who should have had the wit to know better than to marry him. Very very sad.

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    1. It’s made pretty clear Dean makes much less than his wife. Unclear how much support could be ordered, especially since he’s acknowledged not to be the father, but it’s not a big victory.

      1. My comment was sarcasm. But as far as I know she would get child support from him or be put in jail as a deadbeat dad. (no win)

      2. You can never tell who’s being sarcastic. 🙂

        Since it’s widely known the child isn’t his, that claim (while not impossible) would be pretty nervy. Given their dynamic, I don’t think she’d do that. Bad enough already. But then it’s fiction!

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