“Princeton Mom” Susan Patton: “Marry Smart” not so smart

Susan Patton wrote a letter to the editor of the Princeton college newspaper suggesting the young ladies of Princeton should find a mate among their fellow Princeton students as quickly as possible, or be left out, eggs growing stale, when the husband hunting got harder in their post-college lives. This was controversial enough to get her a publisher and a publicist, who succeeded in placing an expanded excerpt from her then-upcoming book, Marry Smart, in the Wall Street Journal. Her publicists got her booked at a dozen media outlets, from morning shows to The Daily Show. Dressed and coiffured like some 1950s society lady, she proceeded to entertain audiences with her amazingly retrograde views, which imply a woman needs to sell herself as a companion and mate quickly before her value on the mating market declines. She pointed out that older men like younger woman, and by the time a woman is in her 30s, men of her age will be eying the younger females who are “dewy and fresh.” There’s a grain of truth to some of her suggestions, but only a grain, wrapped in an offensive package. It was her anachronistic packaging and irritating message that got her noticed, and promoted, and no doubt she was booked on the shows primarily to entertain. The Blaze comments:

But Maureen O’Connor in New York Magazine’s The Cut got the inside scoop with more information from Patton. In an interview with the Princeton 1977 class president, O’Conner found the mother, who is recently divorced after 27 years of marriage, wished she married a Princeton grad herself. Patton explained to O’Conner that she was surprised by the “extreme” reaction the op-ed received. Even with her divorce last month, she told O’Conner her own situation is not what spurred the letter. “Honestly, I just thought this was some good advice from a Jewish mother,” she said.

It was every daughter’s nightmare of condescending advice from your mother. This excellent guest blog post by Lisa Endlich Heffernan at Forbes covers all the bases. All that being said, for a secure young woman who happens to meet the right secure young man early in college, marriage is not a bad idea. Building a career is easier with the support of a good partner, and growing together with someone from that age can work well. Presenting it as a game of musical chairs you will lose in if you don’t rush to sell yourself, though, is offensive.

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